Residential Window Installation & Replacement

Residential Window Installation & Replacement

Windows provide your home with natural light and ventilation. They come in a variety of grid patterns, styles, colors to suit any décor! Windows are energy efficient, too, so they can help reduce heating costs for you this winter season or summertime when the sun is at its hottest!! If it's time to replace some old windows on our house, Up & Over Roofing has got just what we need! We offer all sorts of options from double-hung down single Hung Awnings With EPDM Coating, which will be sure to protect them against moisture damage. Give us a call today

Types of Windows

Types of Windows


Skylights are the best way to provide natural light while still ensuring privacy. Some skylights open up for ventilation, and others stay put on ceilings; Up & Over offers both options at competitive prices with Velux rain sensors that close automatically when it senses rainfall! Remote controls or blinds also come standard, so you can regulate what part of your room gets sun all day long without worrying about closing windows during hot weather months.


The single-hung window has a bottom panel that slides up to allow airflow. The stationary top sash does not open, making it less expensive than double Hung windows and more energy-efficient at the same time!


Double-hung windows are a great way to expand your home. They have two sashes that open from either side, and both can be opened by sliding them up or down, depending on the user's preference. The tilt inward design makes it easier than ever before for homeowners with housework because all you'll need when cleaning outside glass is water!


Picture windows are great for providing natural light and ventilation. They can be paired with other styles, such as double- Hungs or casements, to increase the amount of sunlight into your home without compromising privacy concerns!


Casement windows are a popular option for homes because they provide ventilation and cleaning. Casings open like doors, but with an extra hand crank on the side if needed!


Awning windows provide a space for ventilation and light. They are typically installed over a picture or other windows, which helps them blend into their surroundings more quickly than on the outside wall alone. These versatile products can also be found in small spaces like basements, where installing too large would take up all your available floor area!


Bay windows are one of the best options for homeowners who want to create curb appeal as well add extra space inside. Bay window consists of three different sized glass panes, with a large center and side panels that slope outwards at an angle towards either side wall or corner cabinets in your kitchen - giving you stunning views from every available seat!


As the name suggests, bow windows project outward from your home in an arched shape. This gives them both curb appeal and extra space for living inside! Bow-shaped glass consists of four or five individual panes that are all about as tall (or higher) than they are wide; this makes it easier to clean because dirt can't get into small cracks like with regular ol' square ones.


Garden windows project outward from the home. Unlike bay and bow-shaped designs, these are made up of several small boxes that can be placed strategically to maximize curb appeal or create an outdoor living space such as a patio on your property. The Garden window features venting side panels for additional ventilation along with optional shelves depending upon how much plant material you want indoors during warmer months - we recommend at least two feet wide by three high!


Hopper windows are usually found in the basement and other small spaces. They look like an awning window, but with one difference - hopper windows have hinges at the bottom opening up where you would expect them to be closed for ventilation purposes.


Sliding windows are an easy way to make your home more inviting. They come in different sizes and styles, so you're sure find one that's right for any room! The sliding sashes can be opened by either sliding them horizontally or side-to-side like a door; two lightest models have just one seated piece while three lite types feature stationary middle section with both sides able move up or down as well

Specialty Shaped

Specialty windows can be used to add charm and style to any home. These specialty windows are available in various shapes, including octagons or full circles. Some even have an opening sash but most of them do not open at all so that you don't need to worry about hinges on your own time!